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A very belated Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry, I’ve been silent for so long. For the entire fall through to the end of the year, I was past my eyeballs with commercial shoots, leading a photo tour in Sichuan, researching another trip and updating the information for the already existing photo itineraries.

In late October, the Sichuan: Edge of Tibet trip was a huge hit. We had fantastic weather. The timing couldn’t have been better as all the larch trees up on the edge of the Tibetan plateau had turned bright orange. We visited a fantastic monastery hidden in a valley up on the plateau and spent some time with semi-nomadic Tibetans in their winter homes. On our mornings in the Four Sisters National Park, it snowed, which when combined with the orange larch trees, made for some great photography. A handful of pics from the trip are below.

Cathay Pacific Holidays and The Marco Polo Club have now partnered with us and we’ll be working with their clients for selected photo trips.

The four photo trips we ran last year were a great success so for this year, we’ll now be offering six photo journeys. A new itinerary for 2012 will be into Tibet.

I’m planning on being a little better with the blog this year. I’m certainly not a frequent blogger by any means, but being absent for 4 months is probably a bit too long, so, you’ll hopefully hear from me a bit more.

Butter lamps

Our ecstatic customers with some of our Tibetan nomad friends

A young studious monk

The fall colours of the larch trees in the Tibetan countryside

Thousands of prayer flags covering a hillside

Tibetan areas are not complete without mani stones

Four Sisters Mountains at sunrise

A dusting of snow in the morning

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  1. Yon says:


    I somehow came across your website then to your blog. I would love to go on one of these tours!!!
    But being away for 7 days wold be a bit difficult. Please do email me with the info when you get a chance!

    Thank you!

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