Doing what we love to do

Unique travel and photographic experiences are what Ron and On The Road in China are passionate about. We are committed to be able to share these with our clients and ensure that they have lasting memories from our trips.

Experience and Knowledge: We have more than 20 years of combined experience in China. Our accumulated knowledge is through a blend of direct exploration, work projects, and ideas generated by the wealth of information available to us from our China based partners. We have personally researched all of our itineraries in order to ensure our clients have both an inspirational and exclusive travel and photography journey.

We are More Than Just a Photo Tour: Our tours are far more than just photography trips, they are learning experiences as well. Ron’s presentations on various techniques, learning to see light and tone, and anticipating situations ensure that you will significantly improve your photography skills, as well as being provided with plenty of inspiring photo opportunities. You will learn to make the most of every situation and capture images that you didn’t realize were possible.

Authentic Travel Experiences: With no one else conducting tours like we do, we offer a truly unique and genuine experience. We frequently travel on backcountry and mountain roads that are not on the tourist route. Many of the people we encounter are living their lives as they have always done and they are not there to serve the mass tourism market.

Small Groups: Our small groups of 8 clients on average ensure that you have significantly more personal attention than what a large tour can provide, and we can also arrange special photo sessions that are impossible to do in a big group. Experiences are far more meaningful when there is plenty of space for everyone to create their own images or just to peacefully absorb the environment around them. We also have the flexibility to stop for those unplanned and unexpected moments that add an extra element of excitement and enjoyment to the trips.

The Highest Quality Vehicles: We have carefully sourced our sport utility vehicles to ensure that they are the best available from both a comfort and safety perspective. All vehicles are equipped with GPS and two-way radio.

Exceptional Service: On all trips, you will be served by a team of 4. A tour host, Ron as the photography host, a fluent English speaking China based tour guide, and a lead car driver. This provides us with maximum flexibility to cater to the individual requests of our clients, and we have the capability to split the travel group to do separate activities. In the morning, you will wake to a cleaned and freshly stocked vehicle, ready for travel for the day’s travel.